How Do You Measure Wealth?

Growth and Protection of Assets - Cultivation of Values

Assets + Values = Principled Investing

Money is energy. Wealth is how you use your values to direct the energy of your assets. The implementation of Principled Investing is known as Socially Responsible Investing. At the Social Responsibility Investment Group, we assist our clients in aligning their personal values with their investment goals through the practice of Balanced Management of Portfolios. Balanced Management involves the appropriate diversification of stocks and bonds. In our experience, Balanced Management leads to gains over time and stability during market declines. So we measure wealth by increasing the value of our clients' assets while making ethical choices.
1. Balanced composite returns are asset-weighted, time-weighted returns for all portfolios of at least $1,000,000 in value of clients who have been clients for at least one full calendar quarter, except portfolios affected by a material margin debt position. 2. All returns represent Total Return including the reinvestment of dividends and interest. 3. Net performance is net of transaction costs and net of advisory fees. 4. Returns of Indices are extracted from 2010 Ibbotson Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation (SBBI) Classic Yearbook (Morningstar Inc., Chicago, Illinois). 5. Past performance is not to be construed as a guarantee of future performance.

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